Tips to help take the stress out of a Christmas home move


Using your Christmas cards to announce a change of address and ordering groceries online are among the tips from What Mortgage being offered to help people moving home over Christmas and New Year.

According to estate agents, planning ahead is key to ensuring the added stress of moving, on top of the usual pressures of the festive season, do not become too overwhelming.

However, experts from Harrison Murray Estate Agency and the Nottingham Estate Agency, which is part of Nottingham Building Society, also have some other practical tips to ensure you keep your festive spirits up during your home move.

Richard Bocock, network property sales manager, said: “For many of us moving house can be a stressful experience at the best of times – let alone Christmas.

“However, with some consideration and planning, you can keep stress levels at a minimum and your spirits high – and think about celebrating Christmas in your new home.”

Plan and organise ahead

Removal companies can become busy in the run-up to Christmas but they might also have fewer staff on board due to holidays, so booking them in advance is a good idea, say the estate agents.

They also recommend packing as early as possible, starting with the items you are less likely to need. It’s a good opportunity to declutter and donate any unwanted items to the charity shop or festive appeals.

Consider the weather

Snow isn’t guaranteed at Christmas, but it’s always a possibility. So, the estate agents advise you keep an eye on the weather reports in the run up to Moving Day as snow and ice could have an impact on the removal company’s – or your own – efforts to move your items to your new place.

Keep outdoor furniture, such as table and chairs, indoors in the run up to the big day to ensure they aren’t covered in snow or ice on removal day. If this isn’t possible consider covering them to make sure they are clean and ready to go.

Special items to consider

Ensure you have a supply of torches, batteries and bulbs as much of your move during the winter could happen in the dark – it’s good to be prepared.

The estate agents advise ensuring your valuables – including documents, passports and jewellery – are kept in a safe and secure place and that you remember exactly where you put them.

Settling in

Book an online grocery delivery is a good idea as it means you don’t have to factor in time to your hectic schedule to negotiate the busy supermarkets. Keep your takeaway menus handy too.

Prioritise putting up curtains – makeshift or otherwise – and adding a few throws and cushions to your furniture to make your home feel cosy straightway.

Finally, save money on stamps and time by sending everyone your new address in your Christmas cards.

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