Protecting Your Special Times


Valentine’s is a special time to let someone know how much you care. The shops are filled with Helium Balloons, Teddies and Roses…. And yes, they are beautiful and make us feel special.

But surely there is a bit more to it… What does love mean to you? To me, it’s solid, dependable, safe and secure. The one person I’d be lost without. If we’re lucky, we’ve all got one of those.

Let me ask you the question… What would your loved ones do if ‘God Forbid’ something happened to you?

Our initial thoughts possibly relate to those first few days of shock, disbelief and grief.

But what about the day after that… and the next?

How would your Spouse, Partner and/or children move forward in their lives without you?

It’s not a nice thought is it…

Human instinct sometimes means that we push these thoughts to the back of our mind. We try not to think about the ‘What if’s, because naturally it scares the living daylights out of us. Yet, the responsibility still lingers there in the back of our minds and we know it’s something we really SHOULD get sorted.

This is where we try to lessen the load. We can work within your individual budget to help you to provide some financial support for your loved ones in the event of your illness, terminal diagnosis or death.

We DON’T make it long winded, it WONT take ages of your precious time to sort out (we know time is important – we have families too). We can talk to your over the phone, and / or by email, to save you taking time off for an appointment.

Wouldn’t life be a little easier knowing that you had plans in place should the worst happen? That’s one BIG thing you could tick off your list.

Give us a call and we can do the rest, because red roses and chocolate are fabulous (For goodness sake, DON’T FORGET THE CHOCOLATE), but true love is everlasting!